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​The JPR Foundation was formed as an independent Oregon nonprofit public benefit corporation in 1997 and is governed by a board of directors comprised of regional civic leaders.  The Foundation raises money for the operation of Jefferson Public Radio, one of the nation’s largest public broadcasting networks with 22 stations and 36 translators covering 13-counties in Southern Oregon and Northern California.  JPR was the first public radio operation in the United States to broadcast three fully separate and distinct programming streams: Classics & News, Rhythm & News, and News & Information.  It owns and manages a non-commercial civic ISP called JeffNet, which expands JPR’s service to the region it serves via emerging online platforms.  And it renovated, operated & programmed the Cascade Theatre in Redding, California as a historical landmark and multi-discipline nonprofit performing arts venue.


Who we are

In 2012, after the IRS recognized that Limited Liability Companies formed under nonprofit corporations benefit from the parent organization’s nonprofit status (IRS Notice 2012-52), the Foundation formed the single-member owned  Jefferson Live! LLC to manage its live performance and cultural facilities operations as a distinctly separate business from its radio operations.

Jefferson Live! LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the nonprofit JPR Foundation, Inc.   Its mission is to foster the arts, provide cultural enrichment and enhance economic opportunities in Southern Oregon and Northern California through the operation and programming of cultural facilities.

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